Press Releases

Published on: 21.02.2019


The Party of the European Left (EL), gathered in its Executive Board in Brussels on 26 and 27 January, expresses the absolute rejection of the attempted coup in Venezuela and denounces the escalation of pressure and actions of the Government of the United States preparing a military intervention, which they call “humanitarian intervention”.

Home Published on: 04.02.2019

European Left on Yellow-Vests

As a result of his austerity measures, which hit mainly the majority of the working population in France and not the wealthy, since November 2018 the yellow vests protest. In solidarity, we stand by the side of those yellow-vests who demonstrate non-violently for fiscal justice, for improving living standards and wages and for democracy. We condemn violence by police officers, especially the use of so-called Flashballs.

Home Published on: 27.01.2019

The President of the EL on the Republic of North Macedonia

I am delighted that the tireless pursuit of Prime Minister of Greece, Alexis Tsipras, and his Macedonian counterpart, Zoran Zaev, have come to a democratic and peaceful solution to promote dialogue, stability, and cooperation between the two countries and on the Balkans.

Published on: 24.01.2019

Gregor Gysi, President of the European Left (EL) on the situation in Venezuela

The confrontation between the President and the President of the National Assembly of Venezuela is escalating at the expense of the population. Unilateral foreign recognition does not help either.

It must not be that the U.S., as in the past, determine who becomes or remains head of another state. Instead of implementing diverging recognition politics, other governments and the EU should actually have called for all party talks to urge for a solution to the economic and political conflicts. It is a fact that one has been elected President, the other only President of the National Assembly. Everything else only means to provoke aggravated conflicts.

Published on: 22.01.2019

A contract for military Armament

There are no steps to overcome social inequality or social-ecological reconstruction in the countries. Ultimately, Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron deepen with this treaty a Europe of banks and corporations, a Europe of rearmament and social distortions. We do not need a monopoly position of two countries in the European Union, but a solidary and, above all, peaceful Europe. As Party of the European Left, we support German-French cooperation projects, but we reject this contract.

Published on: 21.01.2019

Regarding the murder of Pavel Adamowicz, the President of the Party of the European Left declares:


Published on: 13.12.2018

Solidarity with Adrien Beauduin

The Vice Presidency Maite Mola declares on the imprisonment of Adrien Beauduin in Hungary, one of the active member of the new student movement ‘Szabad Egyetem’:

Published on: 01.12.2018

Statement on the meeting of the Political Secretariat of the European Left (EL)

On December 01, 2018, the meeting of the Political Secretariat of the Party of the European Left (EL) took place in Berlin. One point on the agenda was the preparation of the European elections in 2019. The Secretariat has agreed on a draft electoral platform which will be submitted for decision to the Executive Board on 26/27. January 2018 in Brussels. In addition, the members of the political secretariat have exchanged on a possible leading candidate. The result of the ongoing process will also be submitted to the Executive Board in January.