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EL President addressed EUiA Congress, Barcelona

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Published on: 06.02.2023

This weekend the EL president Walter Baier attended the #8ANEUiA Congress of EUiA – Esquerra Unida i Alternativa.

In his speech Walter Baier addressed the national assembly of EUiA in Barcelona, the city where in 1936, only a few hours after Franco’s coup, the first international volunteers joined the great struggle against fascism.

“Then as now, the rising fascism must be opposed by the determined unity of the democratic and socialist forces.”

He continued on the issues of shrinking welfare and the housing and energy crisis, stating that ‘”housing, energy, education, mobility and health care are commons. They must not be the privilege of the rich, nor must they be at the mercy of profit interests and the whims of the market.”

Finally he called out the OSCE – The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, whose next parliamentary session will be held in Vienna end of February. He demanded that the governments of Russia, the USA and the EU member states use this opportunity to clear the way for peace negotiations with Ukraine.