DIALOP and European Left’s President met with Pope Francis in talks about peace and dialogue

Wlater Baier meets Pope Francis

Image credits: © Vatican Media

Pope Francis: “Solidarity is not only a moral matter but a requirement of Justice

„A politics that is truly at the service of humanity cannot let itself be dictated by finance and market mechanisms, said Pope Francis during the audience to which the pontiff. had invited 15 representatives of the Christian-Marxist dialogue project for transversal social ethics, DIALOP.

„Solidarity is not only a moral virtue, but also a requirement of justice, which calls for correcting the distortions and purifying the intentions of unjust systems, not least through radical changes of perspective in the sharing of chances and resources among individuals and peoples, “ the Pope added.

Walter Baier who previously had met Pope Francis already in private audience in 2014 together with Alexis Tsipras, then opposition leader in the Greek Parliament and Franz Kronreif from the Focolare movement. Today’s meeting was the first since he has become elected President of the Party of the European Left. “This has opened a new page in the relationship between the Catholic Church and the left in Europe,” explained Walter Baier. He thanked the Holy Father for his encouragement and inspiration in the dialogue, but above all for his support for the disadvantaged, for the protection of Mother Earth and his ongoing efforts to end war in the world. Socialists, communists and Marxists feel at one with him on these issues.

Among the 15 people received by the Pontiff were seven representatives of the left and eight of the Catholic side from seven European countries.

The aim of Dialop is to implement a transversal social ethics and integral ecology that combines the social doctrine of the Catholic Church with Marx’s social criticism.

Beyond their religious and ideological boundaries, Christians and Marxists as well as all people of good will see themselves united in the endeavor to end armed conflicts in the world and to safeguard the most basic human rights in order to ensure social balance and peace.