Stop hecatombs – Every human life counts!

Another tragedy at the Aegean Sea. Another hecatomb of drowned refugees, men, women, and children fleeing from the horror of their destroyed homelands in search of a tiny hope for survival. In quest of a dream for dignity, safety – a chance at a better future.

79 bodies, 108 rescued, and hundreds of missing people, mostly children and women.
Impressive numbers that momentarily shake the sleeping consciousness of European societies. Just for a couple of days.

The Party of the European Left urges all European people to reject silence, indifference, and social inertia this time.
We need to speak up, demanding an immediate radical change of the mainstream EU policies towards refugees and immigrants. Those policies based on xenophobic, racist, and fascist narratives are feeding and strengthening alt-right forces that are about to destroy every remaining bit of democracy, civilisation, humanity, and solidarity in Europe.

We strongly condemn the ongoing militarisation of the European borders. We are determined to struggle for safe, legal, accessible crossroads for refugees and immigrants, the only possible way to stop the death traps, both at sea and at the European borders.

We reject the ongoing blame game among European governments and political elites whenever a tragedy occurs. Every EU member state is responsible, as long as they avoid the only reasonable solution: a common European policy, based on the reception of the refugee and migrative population according to capacity and to strong solidarity foundations among countries.

We are opting for another Europe that dignifies basic human and social rights, freedom, dignity, and acceptance for all and condemns xenophobia, discrimination, and criminal indifference towards the human fate of the exploited of the earth.

Let us act now – this human tragedy must be the last one!