16 demands for the EU on workers rights

30 years of the Single Market has failed to deliver fair competition and adequate livelihoods for all individuals. The European Social Dialogue has failed in its aims. The lack of balance of power in negotiations with multinationals makes European Work Councils meaningless. Abusive practices and social dumping reign all over the place thanks to subcontracting in cascade. High staff turnover and lack of proper training lurk behind the ramping staff shortages, while the super-rich pay the lowest-ever tax rates…

Workers and the working class ought to be placed at the forefront of a novel European Union, one that is fortified by a robust and ecologically sustainable economy. To this end, the TUNE, the EL and The Left in the EU Parliament propose 16 critical points that must be implemented during the 2024-2029 term. The aim is to make true the slogan “Nobody is left behind”.

With these 16 points, we try to give visibility to many of the reasons behind the progressive distancing of the working class from the EU project. Giving the right solutions to these demands will undoubtedly become a major step in the right direction to building the ever-announced and never-found “Social Europe”.

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