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The EL celebrates the 25th anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement

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Published on: 06.04.2023

The Party of the European Left, as part of the progressive and democratic international community, is celebrating together with the people of Ireland, the 25th anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement.

On this significant day, a new chapter in history has been opened: first and foremost, for the people of Ireland, with a path to peace and unification, and at the same time, the Good Friday Agreement has become a significant game changer on an international level.

It is proof that it is possible to put aside all kinds of long-term beliefs for the sake of a better future for all.

Our friends from Sinn Fein have played a crucial role to bring the Good Friday Agreement about and have never been more determined than now for a united Ireland, for social justice, ecological responsibility, and equality.

Sinn Fein has been leading the way, changing their strategies in many ways but never changing their unwavering support of the working people.

A new Ireland will emerge during this unification process, formed in a democratic process of dialogue and with a clear perspective: a nation dedicated to the needs of its people, in peace, with ecological sustainability, social justice, and equality.

A future that Sinn Fein has already started to campaign for. The EL fully supports Sinn Fein’s demands for the involvement of all people living in Ireland in the process, with Citizen Assemblies to discuss and define Ireland’s way to unification, North and South.

The EL reaffirms its full support for Sinn Fein’s demands from the UK government to stop immediately throwing obstacles in the way of fulfilling the Good Friday Agreement.

It’s time to give the Irish People their say!