Call for tenders – Political Consulting for European Election Campaign

To whom it may concern,

Hereby the Party of European Left (EL) announces a call for tenders for the service of political consulting in connection with the upcoming European elections 2024. It asks the recipient of this call, in case of availability, to send us an offer for a contract. Our necessities include ideally the following questions:
-Elaboration of a campaign plan for the European elections and proposal for implementation in the EU and member states.
-It should include a comprehensive proposal with analysis, strategy, communication, and proposal for support in the management and implementation of the campaign plan.
-Availability of its dedicated staff to start its work immediately.
-High proficiency in either English or French is a must as they are the official languages of the EL, while high proficiency in the second language as well as further languages is a plus.
-Once the communication plan is produced, we expect the applicant to showcase how and in which fields the agency could assist us in the implementation phase of the campaign itself.
-Prices – both obligatory as well as optional categories – should be clearly mentioned.
-Please mention the payment as well as cancellation conditions.
-The offer should already include – as is expected in the contract for the winning applicant – the explicit readiness for a confidentiality clause.
-Knowledge of the European Left Party and its member parties and their structures would be an asset.
-GDPR as well as political advertising regulations should be respected in the context of national as well as EU regulations.

We expect the total contract value to not exceed a maximum of 50.000,- EUR.

The deadline to receive offers is 1st of September 2023 at 13h CET.

If there is anything service which offer, is not mentioned above and you think it could make you stand out from other service providers please feel free to add it as optional offer.

As a major part of the EL’s budget as a political party on European level is constituted by European Parliament funding, certain rules and guidelines must be respected by us as grant recipient as well as our contractual partners and service providers. Please be advised that, in case of agreement, the final contract would have to include a clause in under which you as service provider must agree to waive all rights vis-à-vis the European Parliament under the contract in question.

We are looking forward for your offer and remain yours truthfully,

(Daniel Sheffer)
Finance Responsible of the Party of the European Left