The European Left Party supports the European Citizen’s Initiative “Good Clothes Fair Pay!”

This initiative aims to establish European legislation that guarantees a living wage for those who produce our clothing, both within the EU and worldwide.

People who create our garments, predominantly women, are earning wages that fall below the bare minimum needed to sustain their livelihoods. In this exploitative system, people remain trapped in poverty while major fashion corporations continue to reap profits.

Walter Baier, President of the European Left Party, and a signatory of the citizen’s initiative, expressed his support, stating:
‘We support this initiative to ban unfair trading practices that inflict harm upon workers in the garment and footwear sector. It is imperative that we promote fair purchasing practices and, particularly within the garment industry, pay close attention to the conditions faced by women, migrants, and workers with precarious contracts. We must also make a concerted effort to combat child labor. A strong legislation is vital to ensure transparency and hold companies in the garment and footwear sector accountable for their actions.’

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