The upcoming elections to the European Parliament will take place under extraordinary circumstances. Europe has become the fastest warming continent in the world and the phase-out of fossil fuels must be accelerated. Many European citizens are struggling with a cost-of-living crisis while billions of euros are being spent in the EU on an unprecedented military build-up, and a return to the failed policies of neoliberal austerity is even on the horizon. Finally, the elections are being overshadowed by wars taking place on European soil and in its near vicinity.

These elections are therefore not second-order elections. If you want your voices to be heard, we call on all democratic European citizens, who form the social majority, to participate and vote in the European elections for a democraticpeaceful social, and ecological Europe.

The Party of the European Left will run a positive campaign focusing on people’s needs, with the goal of making a European Union at the service of the people. For that, the European Left General Assembly, in a meeting in Ljubljana, approved the electoral manifesto and elected Walter Baier as spitzenkandidat for President of the European Commission.

Read the European Elections Manifesto 2024

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