Murderous policies against refugees and migrants: a constant stain on the face of Europe

Drowning by numbers at the Mediterranean Sea.

The recent hecatomb of some 700 people, mostly women and children, that are never to be found at the sea depths is just another incident for the political elites of the EU.
It is estimated that approximately 27.000 victims of war, ethnical cleanses, civil conflicts, racist, sexual, religious and political persecutions or climate deterioration have perished while fleeing torture, imprisonment or death, towards a slim hope to live in dignity.

Dignity is not among the EU priorities nowadays – nor is solidarity and respect of human rights. Just a few days before the recent tragedy nearby Pylos coasts, the European institution representatives agreed on even harsher deterrence policies against refugees, opting for the extension of militarisation at the European borders, legalizing at the same time the refusal of some EU member states to accept refugee populations.

The option of paying off 20.000 euros per person in order to abstain from participation in any common resettlement plan can only be perceived as a monument of cynicism.

On the other hand, while helpless people are being captured at the borders and pushed back to their darkest fate or are perishing far from the public eye and acts of solidarity – either on personal or on collective level – are incriminated and punished, EU governments are renewing bilateral agreements with third countries, among the poorest Asian or African ones, in order to secure the flux of temporary workers. Workers underpaid, deprived of any working rights, slaving under unacceptable conditions and being sent back when not needed anymore. Modern slavery conditions and practice seem to be formally accepted by the civilised European societies of the 21th century.

The Party of the European Left unconditionally stands with the unprotected, the weak, the voiceless victims of racist and xenophobic narratives that boost the ongoing strengthening of the alt-right all over Europe.
We openly expose the hypocritical lamentations over repetitive crimes that continuously cost human lives.

We demand and we are struggling for:
– Respect of international law and treaties that protect human rights
– Ending of militarisation of the European borders
– Abolition of the existing Dublin Treaties and new policies and common European strategies for refugee and migrant populations, based on the respect of human and civic rights .
– Abolition of the penalisation of solidarity in saving and protecting human lives
– Safe and legal passages for refugees and immigrants
– Protection of the rights of asylum seekers
– Common specific European planning of resettlements. Every EU member state has to ensure the reception of refugees, according to capacity. The idea of huge detention camps either in EU countries or in third countries is unacceptable.

Offering new hopes for life in dignity, safety and prosperity to fragile populations is not only a major duty towards humanity and the essential core of civilisation. It is also a gift to European societies as well, assuring enrichment throughout cultural interaction, renewal of aging populations, safety throughout mutual respect, acceptance and collaboration on every level.
Because the way Europe is treating those in need determines its own future.