European Left Party Begins Selection Process for Lead Candidate in 2024 European Parliament Elections

[Vienna, 24 June 2023] – The Party of the European Left acted during its General Assembly in Vienna, the launch of the process to nominate a lead candidate for the forthcoming European Parliament election in June 2024.

Walter Baier, President of the European Left Party stated:

‘We find ourselves at a crossroads, where the existing neoliberal framework of the EU falls short in addressing pressing challenges.

Europe is currently facing a democratic crisis with the rise of authoritarian governance, far-right movements, and a growing trend of electoral abstention.

However, in the face of these challenges, impressive grassroots movements have emerged with trade unions, feminist and youth movements fighting for our social rights, equality and to safeguard the environment.

We acknowledge the extraordinary responsibility that lies ahead as the European Parliament elections in June 2024 will be the first European-wide political confrontation of the two tendencies.

The Party of the European Left aims to consolidate unity and solidarity among left-wing parties through its lead candidate, to forge political and social majorities that can effectively address the challenges of the civilizational crisis and the revolution of labour and production of our time.’