May Day 2023: Against the deterioration of working conditions, social welfare is crucial.

In recent years, workers have been facing setbacks to their living conditions and rights:
– The ever-increasing cost of living in Europe makes it difficult for many people to access decent housing and essential consumer goods. Income disparities and wage stagnation aggravate the situation for some social groups.

– The process of “uberisation” of work has only increased the precariousness of workers’ working and living conditions.

– Young people face specific challenges, such as unemployment, job insecurity, and limited access to housing. Austerity policies and the transformation of the labour market, with the rise of self-employment and temporary contracts, have made it more difficult for young people to find stable and well-paid work.

All over Europe, workers are organising, taking to the streets, and mobilising for their rights.

At the European Left, we are calling for the extension of social rights, the establishment of universal basic incomes, the improvement of working conditions, and the creation of quality public jobs.
This can be achieved through higher minimum wages, better protections for precarious workers, and reform of pension systems.