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The EL protests against the repression towards its Turkish member party SOL

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Published on: 07.03.2023

The Erdogan regime is trying to suppress those who protest against the corruption and incompetence of the authorities in dealing with the consequences of the devastating earthquake. The Party of the European Left protests against the repression of SOL Parti members and leaders.

As in many protests demanding the resignation of the government, the police intervened in the action planned to be carried out by the SOL Parti Istanbul Provincial Organisation. 77 party members were detained, including Central Committee member Alper Taş and Istanbul Provincial Chairman Deniz Demirdögen. While 74 people were released during the late-night hours, 3 members, including PM Member Kemal Koç, would be transferred to the courthouse.

This repression against justified protest actions was not an isolated case. Already a few days after the disastrous earthquake, SOL Parti members who protested in Mersin against the Kızılay – which was found to be selling tents and attracted great reaction – had been detained in house raids in the evening.

The Party of the European Left denounces the repression perpetrated by the Erdogan regime and demands the immediate release of all the activists detained during the protests.