25 March 2015

The EL joined in the demonstration against terrorism that inaugurated the World Social Forum in Tunis

The Party of the European Left (EL), participating in the World Social Forum which is taking place in Tunisia from 24 to 28 March, this afternoon took part in the demonstration of resistance and solidarity with the Tunisian people after the terrorist attack that killed 21 people, mostly tourists, last Wednesday.

The demonstration opening the World Social Forum 2015 had as motto "Peoples of the world against terrorism" and it has been held along the capital’s streets, under heavy rain, ending near the gates of the museum.

18 March 2015

Dichiarazione del Consiglio dei Presidenti del Partito della Sinistra Europea

Il Consiglio dei presidenti del partito della Sinistra Europea si è incontrato ad Atene il 14 marzo 2015 per valutare la situazione attuale in Grecia e discutere su ulteriori iniziative politiche per intensificare la nostra comune lotta contro la strategia neoliberista dell'austerità in tutta Europa.

18 March 2015

Declaración del Consejo de Presidentes del PIE

El 14 de marzo de 2015, el Consejo de Presidentes del PIE se reunió en Atenas para evaluar la situación actual en Grecia y hablar sobre iniciativas políticas para intensificar nuestra lucha europea contra la estrategia neoliberal de austeridad.

16 March 2015

Pierre Laurent reiterates to Alexis Tsipras his absolute solidarity with the Greek Government

During the meeting of presidents of the Party of the European Left (EL), held yesterday Saturday March 14 in Athens, the president of the EL, Pierre Laurent met Alexis Tsipras to, once again, reaffirms his full and absolute solidarity with the Greek government. Laurent also demanded to European leaders respect for the democracy and the vote of the Greek people. He also requested the European Central Bank to put an end to the political blackmail against the road map of the new Government.


12 March 2015

The EL denounces U.S. interventionism when declaring that Venezuela is a "national security threat"

The Party of the European Left (EL) considers that US president Barack Obama decision to qualify Venezuela as “a threat to the national security” is only one more manoeuvre to justify its imperialist interventionism.