12 October 2015

The EL strongly condemns the attack in Ankara, during a peaceful demonstration

Several bombs exploded Saturday in Ankara on the 10th of October 2015, during a peaceful demonstration, called by labor organizations and chambers and with the support of the United June Movement, CHP and HDP. People from all over the Turkey came together for the “peace”. With the explosion of three bombs, almost a hundred people have died and hundreds of people have been seriously injured.

08 October 2015

Welcoming refugees is no charity, it's a duty and an opportunity

Europe is becoming the destination of the biggest population of refugees since World War II. The fact that a huge number of people pushed to flee their countries, being the victims of war, civil conflicts, genocides, political and religious persecutions, extreme poverty or climate changes is among the international political and humanitarian issues that will affect the global developments for the years to come, is now undeniable.

07 October 2015

The party of the European Left delegation goes to Cuba

The EL is having several meetings with Cuban comrades during these first days of October.

The first day the delegation composed by Maite Mola, the EL vice-president and responsible for international relations! Obey Ament (PCF), the EL Coordinator of the Latin America working group, Yiannis Bournous (SYRIZA), Renato Soeiro (Bloco de Esquerda), Maurizio Acerbo (Partito Della Rifondazione Comunista), has already have a great day of meetings.

07 October 2015

Letter of Pierre Laurent, EL-President, congratulating the ECI "Stop TTIP and CETA" (3,263,92 signatures !)

Brussels, October, 7th 2015


Party of the European Left (EL)

Square de Meeûs, 25


Alliance of European organisations

running the ECI "Stop TTIP and CETA"

Dear comrades, dear friends,

29 September 2015

The EL expresses its deep sorrow at the death of the extraordinary Italian politician and intellectual Pietro Ingrao

“Forse nei momenti difficili si accende la fantasia”

The Party of the European Left expresses its deep sorrow at the death of the extraordinary Italian politician and intellectual Pietro Ingrao.

For a century, Italy had the privilege to host the comrade Pietro Ingrao, the Writer, intellectual and poet, the prominent figure of the history of communist movement in Italy, who left this world yesterday.