Condemnation of Actions Against Kurdish Media Outlets

The European Left Party unequivocally condemns the recent raids on Kurdish media outlets in Belgium, namely Medya Haber TV and Sterk TV. These raids, which involved the use of armed forces and resulted in the deliberate destruction of essential journalistic equipment, not only undermine the principles of free press but also violate fundamental European and Belgian legal standards.

The timing of these raids—coinciding with Kurdish Journalism Day and following shortly after high-profile diplomatic visit to Belgium by Turkish officials—raises serious concerns about intergovernmental collaboration to suppress the Kurdish voice. This is a distressing echo of the state violence that has been a longstanding reality for opposition presses in Turkey.

The Kurdish media play an indispensable role in providing information and a platform for expression for millions of Kurds, particularly those in Rojava and Rojhilat, who rely on outlets like Sterk TV amidst ongoing conflicts and political pressure. The actions taken against these media voices cannot be justified on any reasonable grounds and threaten the very core of democratic values that we, the European Left Party, staunchly defend.

We stand in solidarity with the journalists and media professionals affected by these raids and call upon all European political institutions and press organizations devoted to the preservation of democratic principles to join us in condemning these actions.

Moreover, we demand a thorough explanation and accountability from the Belgian authorities regarding these unjust practices. It is imperative that steps are taken to ensure the protection of media freedom and prevent such occurrences in the future.

We, as a Party, commit to continue our support for all journalists and media outlets that strive to keep the public informed under increasingly challenging circumstances. The right to free press is not just a fundamental human right but also the cornerstone of any democratic society.