Summer University 2015

Litomerice, Czech Republic

Please find below the first programme of this year’s Summer University, organized in cooperation between the EL and transform!europe, as well as the link to the registration form section!

Please be aware that translation will be provided in the plenary as well as the four seminars into/from English/French/Czech.

Wednesday, 08.07.2015: Arrival Day

Shuttle Busses available from Prague Airport and Main Train Station.

18h-19h: Opening with songs performed by Maren Rahmann and film about Therezin

19h-20h: Dinner

After Dinner: Get-together party

Thursday, 09.07.2015: East of the West

07h30: Breakfast

09h30 – 11h30: Plenary + Opening
“The Future of Europe: Equality, Justice and Social Coherence. Experiences and Contributions of Central and Eastern Europe.”
Speakers: Pierre Laurent (France), Ioana Sivhlikova (Czech Republic)
Moderator: Milan Neubert (Czech Republic)

11h45 – 13h45 Seminars
1. EL-Fem-Seminar “Gender and precarity: examples from Greece”
2. “Rising of Extreme Right Tendencies in Eastern Europe”
Speakers: Attila Vajnai (Hungary), Elisabeth Gauthier (France), Jan Kavan (Czech Republic)
Moderator: Walter Baier (Austria)

13h45 – 14h25: Lunch Break

14h30 – 16h30: Seminars
1. “CEE: Integration x Militarization – geopolitical, globalization and economic aspects”
Speakers: Hannes Hofbauer (Austria), Ilona Svihlikova (Czech Republic), Rok Kogej (Slovenia)
Moderator: Dagmar Svendova (Czech Republic)
2. “Left in CEE: positions, role, weakness and potentials”
Speakers: Jiri Malek (Czech Republic), Joana Gwiazdecka (Poland), Michal Fric (Slovakia)
Moderator: Jiri Hudecek (Czech Republic)

16h30 – 18h30: Excursion Terezin

19h – 20h: Dinner

Friday, 10.07.2015: Europe after 1/25 – New Chances, New Challenges

07h30: Breakfast

09h30 – 11h30: Plenary
“Europe – Integration or Division”
Speakers: Leo Panich, and a representative of Syriza
Moderation: Elisabeth Gauthier (France)

11h45 – 13h45: Seminars
1. “After the Greek Elections: which consequences and challenges, which experiences in the common struggle?”
Speakers: Erhard Crome (Germany), Anne Sabourin (France), Raffaella Bollini (Italy), Natassa Theodorakopoulou (Greece)
Moderator: Walter Baier (Austria)
2. “Contributions of the Left in Europe to the debates about TAFTA & COP21”
Speakers: Miroslav Ransdorf (Czech Republic), Lara Otonicar (Slovenia), Florian Wilde (Germany)
Moderator: Inger Johansen (Denmark – t.b.c.)

13h45 – 14h45: Lunch Break

15h – 17h: Seminars
1. EL-Fem-Seminar “What does Feminism Mean for us Feminists coming from Different Countries?”
2. “Concrete Experiences with Solidarity and Mobilization”
Speakers: Nuria Lozano (Catalonia) Mirto Bolota (Greece), Danielle Montel (France)
Moderator: Waltraud Fritz-Klackl (Austria)

17h15 – 18h45: Self-Organized Workshops

18h30 – 20h: Dinner

Evening – Cultural Programme

Saturday, 11.07.2015: One Europe-One World

07h30: Breakfasts

09h30 – 11h30: Plenary
“A Changed Europe for a Sustainable Global Future”
Speakers: Maite Mola (Spain), Walter Baier (Austria)#
Moderator: Cornelia Hildebrandt (Germany)

11h45 – 13h45: Seminars
1. Climate Justice and a Left Energy Policy – How to prepare for the global climate summit in Paris
Speakers: Josef Baum (Austria), Herve Bramy (France)
2. “Shifting Perspectives – Europe and Latin America”
Speakers: Suzany Gonzales (Venezuela), Heinz Bierbaum (Germany), Ana-Elisa Osorio (Venezuela)
Moderation: Maite Mola (Spain)

13h45 – 14h45: Lunch Break

15h – 17h: Seminars
1. “Fortress Europe – on Refugees and Migration”
Speaker: Marie-Christine Vergiat (France), Raffaella Bollini (Italy), Olga Athaniti (Greece)
2. EL-Fem-Seminar “Migration, Antiracism and Gender”

17h15 – 18h45: Self-Organized Workshops

18h30 – 20h: Dinner

Evening: Closing, Cultural Programme, Farewell-Party

Sunday, 12.07.2015: Departure Day

Shuttle Busses available to Prague Airport and Main Train Station.

07h30 – 09h30: Breakfasts

Summer University