The European Left Migration working group has been formed in order to invite all EL party members to contribute at a collective leftwing political and strategic answer towards the neoliberal xenophobic policies and social exclusion being imposed upon both refugees and immigrants, targeted as scapegoats for the big economic and social impact of the “Profit over people ” global dogma.

The group attempts to intervene in favor of refugees and immigrants on the public discourse, to support the leftist political, institutional and social initiatives promoting solidarity, multiculturism, coexistence, mutual respect, equity in every level and to marginalize the fascist poisonous influence upon European societies.

Both on the field and at the level of EU institutional bodies, we stand for justice, freedom, emancipation and thriving opportunities for refugees and immigrants. And we intend to work for it!


Olga Athaniti (olgesther@gmail.com)
Stefano Galieni
info [at] european-left.org

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