The Party of the European Left supports South Africa’s lawsuit against Israel

“We support South Africa’s lawsuit against Israel before the International Court of Justice in The Hague for genocide,” declared the President of the Party of the European Left, Walter Baier. The inhabitants of the Gaza Strip have been subjected to a devastating bombardment by the Israeli army and deprived of their basic means of survival, such food and drinking water for more than three months. “The more than 23,000 deaths, including 10,000 children, the displacement of 1.9 million people, the destruction of infrastructure and tens of thousands of homes in Gaza – these are serious indications that the Israeli leadership is indeed guilty of genocide”.

Regardless of the court’s investigation, we demand an end to the Israeli attacks in Gaza, the facilitation of humanitarian aid and the release of the hostages held by Hamas. The Party of the European Left also supports the international investigation into the crimes committed by Hamas on 7th October, particularly the documented cases of sexual violence against Israeli women.

Peace in the Middle East cannot be achieved through a further escalation of violence, but only through a solution based on the right of both peoples, the Israeli and the Palestinian people, to exist and to have their own state. The European Left party therefore emphasises once again the need to create an independent and viable Palestinian state in accordance with UN resolutions, which coexists with Israel.”