The Party of the European Left is ready for the upcoming European Election 

The party will elect a top candidate and approve an electoral manifesto in the upcoming General Assembly in Ljubljana in February

The Political Secretariat of the European Left Party met last weekend in Berlin to prepare for the upcoming European election. As approved in June 2023, the European Left Party will elect a top candidate at the General Assembly that will take place in Ljubljana on the 23rd and 24th of February and will also approve an electoral manifesto for the campaign.  

The European Left Party participated also in Die Linke’s Congress taking place that same weekend, with a conversation between Walter Baier and Martin Schirdewan and the participation of European Left Party’s vice-president Vincent Boulet in the panel “Europe for all: redistribution for social justice”.


Walter Baier, president of the European Left Party: The next European election cannot be considered a second-order election. National differences and nuances will exist, but the European Left Party will approve an electoral manifesto to run a campaign on common topics based on people’s needs. We progressives need to forge broad social alliances and debate on issues of social welfare, cost of living, peace and housing to fight for democracy against radical right and fascism in the upcoming European election.”