Red Green Alliance

Red-Green Alliance – Enhedslisten De Rød-Grønne

The Red-Green Alliance was founded in 1989 as an electoral alliance uniting 3 radical left parties: The Danish Communist Party, the Left Socialists (VS), and the “trotskyist” Socialist Workers’ Party (SAP). Later on the Communist Workers’ Party (KAP – a “maoist” party, joined.

Soon after this it was set up as a political party. It gained 6 seats in the parliamentary elections in 1994 and has remained a parliamentary party ever since. It had a substantial increase in votes especially since the elections in 2011.

Since the last elections in 2022 the RGA has had 9 seats in the Folketing (Danish parliament) and one seat in the European Parliament since 2019. The party gained a huge majority of votes – 24.6% – in the municipal elections in 2021 in Copenhagen.