For a socially just and ecologically sustainable Europe

Conservative groups in the European Parliament seem to be against the 2040 goals for the environment. They also put pressure on watering down the ecological agenda, according to their neoliberal goals which seems to not take under consideration the climate and ecological issues that become more and more urgent.

The Party of the European Left has always been persistent and continues to fight for ecology against every neoliberal agenda which have no respect for the environment and for the planet. The European Left Party recognises the climate crisis as an emergency and is committed to a just transition: transforming the economy away from the carbon paradigm, ensuring job creation, a fair distribution of wealth, robust and universal public services and public ownership of the commons for a fairer and participatory society.

The Party of the European Left will fight against all conservative voices that continue to put neoliberal policies over the environment and the planet. We will also fight for increase the European Union’s target for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from 55% to 65% in 2030 and bring forward the date for the European Union’s climate neutrality from 2050 to 2045.