29 August 2014

European Left deeply condemns the assassination of Margarita Murillo

In the morning of August 27th Margarita Murillo was on her way to cultivate a piece of land in Villanueva, Cortes in the Northern part of Honduras. There she was met by three men wearing ski-masks and shot down on the spot.

09 August 2014

The NATO rearms and the European Union plays an increased imperialist and subordinated role towards the United States

Peace was the motto of the 9th edition of the Summer University of the Party of the European Left (EL) in Germany, the place chosen for this international meeting, on the 100th anniversary of the beginning of the World War I and the 75th of World War II. In fact, peace is also one of the six axes of the programmatic platform adopted at the IV EL Congress last December.

27 July 2014

NO TO WAR, Stop rearmament: European Day for Peace September 4, 2014

September 4-5 there will be a NATO summit in Wales. On the agenda is a demand for all NATO countries to raise military budgets to at least 2% of the GDP. This is the direct preparation for an increased aggressive use of NATO military all over the world and the beginning of a new arms race.

The NATO and its member states cooperate and support other states in preparing and perpetrating wars of aggression.

26 July 2014

EL Summer University 2014: The transformation has to be done in two levels, the national and the European one

The Summer University of the Party of the European Left started with a working day on the issue of Austerity, struggles and left alternatives. Steffen Lehndorff, from Transform! Europe, was in charge of introducing the conference “The impact of crisis and austerity on the European countries”, with a diagnosis of the situation in order to open the debate in different seminars and workshops which took place during the whole afternoon.

26 July 2014

The Party of the European Left denounces the massacre in Gaza

The Israeli regime aimes at ending the Palestinian national unity government