19 June 2016

Pierre Laurent: “He have to put wealth in service of another kind of development”

“We have to restructure the debt so the majority of the peoples of Europe can reactivate and mobilize the money to objectives other than the financial adjustments”. Within those objectives is to “put the wealth of our society in service of another kind of development”, with a massive public investment, sustainable and respectful to the environment”, explained Pierre Laurent.

18 June 2016

Italian leader Paolo Ferrero calls on the deconstruction of debt narrative

Paolo Ferrero, Secretary-General of the Communist Refoundation Party (PRC), was the host of the Seminar for a European Debt Conference, organized by his party together with the European Left. After coordinating the debates of the session, he closed the presentations and round tables with a call to deconstruct the debt narrative and clearing the mind of the speeches saying there is no money “because if we allow to be brainwashed with those theories we cannot win the battle”.

17 June 2016

European Left starts working on a European Conference on Debt

Proposals to fight the debt, used as a political weapon against the people


13 June 2016

Arctic Initiative demands change in current politics

European Left and Communist Party of Finland joint initiative in Helsinki gathered 16 political parties, 3 NGO´s, environmental – human rights and peace organizations, several investigators and researchers, many workers, artists and  intellectuals to make concrete initiatives and participate in common discussion about environment-security and human right issues in the Arctic.


08 June 2016

For a European conference on the debt - June 11, 2016 Rome

For a European conference on the debt - June 11, 2016 Rome

Seminar organized by the Communist Refoundation Party (PRC)

with the support of the Party of the European Left


Place: Roma Scout Center Largo Scouting, 1, 00162 Rome, Italy

FOLLOW THE STREAMING HERE: www.livestream.com/rifondazione