22 July 2015

The EL condemns the terrorist attack in Suruc and supports the work of the left and democratic forces of Turkey

The Party of the European Left (EL) condemns the terrorist attack suffered yesterday by a young socialist organization in the Turkish city of Suruç executed by the Islamic State, with more than 30 people killed and injuring dozens of people.

10 July 2015

The Summer University of the Party of the European Left Debates on the Future of Europe

Pierre Laurent: "We need to develop policies for active solidarity"

01 July 2015


Answers to Jean-Claude Juncker:


Euclid Tsakalotos: Why was there no agreement between the Greek government and the Institutions? :

01 July 2015

The proposal for extension

  1. The proposal of the institutions to the Greek government was to immediately enact deep recessionary measures [that would hurt the country’s already wounded social fabric] as a precondition for five months of financing, which was judged totally inadequate. If this proposal was accepted by the government and the Parliament, the citizens and the markets would face five months of further shrinkage, which would probably lead to more negotiations under crisis conditions.
01 July 2015

Nine solidarity measures in view of the July 5 referendum (Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport)

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport has announced nine measures for the relief of –mostly – low-pensioners and unemployed people, who are affected the most by the closure of banks imposed indirectly by Greece’s lenders.