26 January 2015

Yannis Milios: "It is necessary to restructure the Eurozone’s sovereign debt”

The I Forum of South of Europe consisted of three major discussions. The first focused on resistance to austerity, how to restructure debt and how to put the economy at the service of the people and the environment.

26 January 2015


This is the time to end Austerity and Inequality! It's time for Democracy and Solidarity!
Time to change Europe!


The struggle for change in Europe has begun.


The overthrow of the Greek memorandum government is an important step that will be completed on January 25th, 2015 by  the imminent grand electoral victory of SYRIZA.


26 January 2015

Pierre Laurent: "The time to change the austerity policies has arrived”

This morning it has been presented the Declaration of Barcelona, the result of "the Alliance forged to defeat the Troika" as emphasized Joan Herrera, national coordinator of ICV, a host political force of the I Forum of the South of Europe. One of the great pillars of this statement is the demand for a major European Conference for the restructuring of the debt; as he argued, “without that restructuring there will be no democracy”.

24 January 2015

The left alliance is crucial for the change

This afternoon has started, in Barcelona, the I Foro of the South of Europe, with the hope of a victory of Syriza next Sunday, showing that there is an alternative to austerity, with
24 January 2015

La alianza de la izquierda es crucial para el cambio

Esta tarde comenzó en Barcelona el I Foro del Sur de Europa, con la esperanza de una victoria de Syriza el próximo domingo, que muestre que hay una alternativa a la austeridad, que no solo posible sino necesaria.  “El cambio puede empezar en Grecia. Y la alianza de la izquierda es crucial para el cambio”.