05 Dezember 2016

Party of European left welcomes the No victory in Italian referendum

With a great popular participation (65,5% of voters), the majority of the Italian people has rejected the authoritarian attempt to reform the Constitution carried out by  Renzi’s government. No prevailed with 59,1% of votes. (19.419.507 votes against 13.432.208).

22 November 2016

The EL condemns the attacks against peace in Colombia

The Party of the European Left expresses its deepest concern about the offensive against the peace agreements that Colombia is facing. In this offensive, extreme right groups and some military officials have killed a number of peasant leaders which is growing alarmingly: 71 of them were killed this year alone and five of them only this November.


08 November 2016

Maite Mola calls for the immediate release of the deputies detained in Turkey

The network of women of the Party of the European Left, EL-FEM, gathered this weekend in Athens, and interrupted their work to join the demonstration, held in the Greek capital, with the aim of denouncing the detention of 11 MPs of HDP - Democratic Party of the People, which represents the vote of left-wing and pro-Kurd of Turkey.


04 November 2016

Co-leaders of HDP detained as Erdogan’s coup continues

The two co-leaders of HDP – Peoples’ Democratic Party, Selahattin Demirtaş and Figen Yüksekdağ were both detained this past night, at their homes, alongside with 11 Turkish MPs who were also taken into custody.


02 November 2016

Second interregional forum channel Elbe Danube

The 22nd of October the second interregional forum channel Elbe Danube took place in Břeclav (CZ). The 4 member parties of the European Left SDS (CZ), Munkaspart 2006 (HU) and KPÖ as well as KSČM (CZ). 27 Persons from 4 Parties and invited guests from the KKS (Communist Club of Slovakia) participated. Activists, leading functionaries as well as delegates to nationwide parliaments and municipalities attended. The meeting was very free and open.