Walter Baier in Tsipras Institute

Walter Baier defends Prespa Agreement as a model for dialogue between progressive forces

European’s Left president, Walter Baier, participated today in Athens in the panel “Europe and the rise of far-right and nationalist forces. Which policies can help confront them?”, in the framework of the International Conference On Peace And Sustainable Development, organised by the recently inaugurated Alexis Tsipras Institute.

In his speech, Baier defended the anniversary of the Prespa Agreement, signed on June 17th 2018, between the Greek and the Republic of North Macedonia’s governments, as a good occasion to reflect on possibilities of honest dialogue among progressive forces. Baier explained that the conservative right collaborates more and more with the extreme right and accepts its frames, and for that is necessary the collaboration and dialogue between progressive forces, and that “the resistance to the rise of neo-fascism can only be successful if politics prioritizes the expansion of social rights, affordable housing, decent, secure jobs and universally accessible public services”. He finally put the example of Nouveau Front Populaire, an alliance signed between La France Insoumise, Parti Communiste Français, Parti Socialiste Popular and Les Écologistes, together with trade unions and social movements, as an example of these broad alliances necessary to confront the far right. “Should the Nouveau Front Populaire win and govern a core country of the European Union, it would not only be a victory for French workers, but for all workers in Europe” he concluded.

You can watch his speech here below: