Walter Baier defends peace in Palestine and Israel in Maastricht Debate


The lead candidate of the European Left Party, Walter Baier, participated yesterday in the Maastricht Debate in the Dutch city with other lead candidates from European political families.

In his initial speech, Walter Baier presented two proposals to start addressing the housing crisis suffered especially by the younger generation: a regulatory framework to limit platforms such as AirBnB and an EU Directive to oblige member states to introduce legal rental caps and forbid evictions.

The debate was divided in three sections. In the first, focused on climate change, Baier defended the necessity of ecological transition and the contended that this ecological transition is not possible under recently approved austerity policies, which will forbid the necessary investments.

In the second part, in one of the most highlighted moments of the debate, Baier defended peace in the Middle East, especially in Palestine, asking twice to Ursula von der Leyen and the rest of candidates when will the European Union put sanctions on Israel to stop the war in Gaza? Receiving a vague answer from the EPP lead candidate suggesting a simple meeting of EU leaders, Walter reminded that, “for the people in Gaza now every day is a 7th of October, and we want the European Union to take action and not tolerate this further”.

In the last part of the debate, focused on EU and Democracy, Baier replied to questions of journalists about Artificial Intelligence.

In his closing statement, Baier contended that “politics is about choosing sides: We chose the side of the socially disadvantaged, people who have trouble paying their bills and rent, parents who can’t afford holidays with their kids, people who wait ages in understaffed hospitals, women who still suffer pay discrimination, young people who don’t find affordable housing. You all deserve better. EU-politicians so far have failed to deliver what they have promised. Now it could even turn to the worse. You can change this. Not only by your vote but you can use your vote. We chose sides. We want better for the many not more for the few.

Vote Left!”

You can watch the entire debate here