European Left on Election Night

President and lead candidate of the European Left, Walter Baier, reacted yesterday night in the European Parliament on the first results of the European election provisional results, which forecast that the European Left would maintain a similar number of seats as in the past term. You can read the statement here below:

“In a difficult atmosphere, the left is able to maintain its parliamentary strength. This means that it can continue to fight for the values it defended in the election campaign. Social justice, the right to affordable housing, decently paid, secure jobs, universally accessible public services, a socially just transition to an economy in harmony with the planet, the right of women to self-determination and the right to a safe abortion and, last but certainly not least, the right to peace.

There are some countries where left-wing parties have achieved very good results. To mention only some of them: Scandinavia, France, Belgium, and finally Italy, whose left will now be represented in the European Parliament again.

The provisional result shows that the previous grand coalition consisting of conservatives, social democrats and liberals will have a majority in the European Parliament. We recognise this. However, it would be wrong to see it as a confirmation to continue with the previous policy as business as usual and to return to the failed policy of austerity, which in turn has been the breeding ground for the growth of the radical right, including in France and also in my home country of Austria, where the FPÖ, a clearly neo-fascist party, came out of the elections as first force.

We will therefore continue to stand in opposition to neoliberal policies, to campaign for social and ecological reforms in the interests of working people and are available to work together with all progressive forces that are prepared to do so – both inside and outside parliament.