1st of May Declaration


A better future is imperative. The progressive left forces have accomplished a great deal in the struggle for the progress of human, social and labour rights. However, the ongoing class struggle serves as a constant reminder that effective labour rights are still distant goals.

This struggle can be won! It is crucial for class trade unions and the political left to continue fighting for a radical left liberalism that serves the people. It is essential that labour join forces and contribute to building certainties for everyone, restoring a sense of class and avoiding the trap of a moderation no longer capable of formulating the ambitious goals really demanded. Until the working class achieves emancipation, this is necessary.

The Trade Unionists Network Europe (TUNE) considers that a ‘revolutionary reformism’, radical in substantive vision, though reasonable in spirit and tone, must be guided by these 4 priorities:

1.- Support trade unions!!

  • End precarious work and improve working conditions with fair salaries, reduction of working time and decent living standards for all
  • Trade unions are the voice of workers = Nobody left behind Collective bargaining must be protected at the highest possible levels, including public procurement.
  • Collective bargaining and Social Dialogue are the key to boost workers’ demands: social rights must be at the centre of a new European Social Dialogue and be the foundation of European Works Councils

2.- No more working poor

  • Better jobs and salaries: A high standard of social development (in the form of skills, job security and wages) must be at the centre of an empowered autonomous EU
  • Strong industrial policy and public services, avoiding social dumping, bogus self-employment, outsourcing and ‘race to the bottom’ salaries
  • Ensure just transitions by embedding a culture of engagement of trade unions and civil society in drafting and implementing all relevant investments

3.- Say NO to austerity: We won’t pay again

  • Reject austerity and deploy an economy for the people and the planet that provides broad and well-organised access to sickness, education and unemployment benefits, thus combining social protection and social investments.
  • Public money for social progress: a more stringent control of the public money given to enterprises, chiefly aimed at redistributing the risks and deflecting it away from citizens and workers.
  • Fight against social dumping, fraud and tax evasion by  introducing a joint and several liability obligation in subcontracting chains

4.- Last, but not least, the EU needs to deliver a Social Progress Protocol giving priority to workers’ and social rights over economic freedoms, a Protocol to channel the future framework towards an EU of the Peoples

All the above requests are necessary, but first and foremost Peace is needed to deliver the positive effects of any of them: Ceasefire all over the world in any war and stop genocide.


We need to be the revolutionaries!