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International Day of Peace

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Published on: 21.09.2022

On 21 September we mark the United Nations’ World Peace Day. Of particular significance this year, it is dedicated to global peace, with the goal of ending all war and violence. On establishing this vital Day in 1981, the United Nations aimed to remind warring states that there are ways out of violence: like a temporary ceasefire in a combat zone for humanitarian aid access, disarmament, or confidence building measures.

The European Left welcomes the occasion of World Peace Day to emphasize that our party stands for a peaceful foreign policy. Conflicts over influence, natural resources and markets are increasing across the world. Many European states are choosing massive rearmament – even including nuclear weapons. But weapons don’t lead to peace and security, rather to a world of horror: war, misery and enforced migration. The European Left is convinced that every weapon finds its war – so we want to ban arms exports. European governments have continually increased their military spending in recent years – so this is money that is unavailable for schools, hospitals and public transport. The European Left is committed to a policy of détente, fair global economic structures, and civil conflict resolution.

In the context of Russia’s war on Ukraine, as well as worsening global tensions, it is up to us to step up the pressure for de-escalation, as well as solving the multiple humanitarian and ecological crises that we collectively face. We will not be able to combat climate change, stop mass starvation, and fight the increasing social inequality that hundreds of millions are facing, while countries are waging war – and preparing for even more war. We welcome this World Peace Day – as a crucial call to the global community: to put an end to war and violence and build a world of peace and justice.