Northern America


The North America WG has been existing since 2017.

Understanding the growing importance of global cooperation as well as the signals of hope and encouragement coming from this region, the last EL-congress took the decision to promote the Working group as a toolkit closer cooperation with the Canadian and US American Left.

Since then we have started to build contacts. In Canada with Quebec Solidaire, in the United States with DSA, the NY Left Forum,  the Communist Party and individual persons.
There is no lack of common issues- on the contrary,  but apart from the huge distances and consequently travel expenses that very often prevent more contacts,  we also have been experiencing quite a few differences in our mutual political cultures.  This is another open field where we could learn immensely from each other’s experiences.
We are usually meeting two times per year,  and always try to combine our meetings with a public event. Additionally, we are taking part in diverse EL activities like the European  Forum  or the Summer University- if possible organizing events
When possible we go to political top events to use the opportunity for intensifying our contacts and understanding of the left forces in the USA.

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