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The goal of the Latin America and Caribbean working group is to deepen the knowledge, the education, the coordination and the action in solidarity with the experiences, the struggles, and the victories in an continent with a strong international political impact. Through critical analysis of EU and national policies, we want to contribute to strength a common agenda between popular movements and left organizations on both sides. The working group proposes concrete alternatives to EU will to impose the logic of neo-liberalism trough “Free Trade Agreements” (disguised as “association agreements”) in favor of multinationals corporations.

The working group organizes popular mobilizations, international campaigns, in-depth studies on specific topics, and a yearly common seminar with the Sao Paulo Forum (which brings together the left of Latin America and Caribbean), focusing on possible political alternatives.

The main activity of the Latin America and Caribbean WG is the construction of a common space together with the Foro de Sao Paulo, called “Visiones Compartidas” – where, since 2017, politicians and experts from the two continents discuss and exchange on a specific topic. Please find below the latest editions:

Visiones Compartidas seminar – 11 June 2022

VISIONES COMPARTIDAS – Enfrentando las derechas y el lawfare en tiempo de pandemia

VISIONES COMPARTIDAS – Socio-economic impact of pandemic and proposals from the Left in Latin America and Europe


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