Fighting the Far Right


Over the last decade, the rise of the far-right has accelerated globally, in its biggest upsurge since the 1930s. It takes many different forms, but it presents a real threat to our democracy and diverse communities wherever it is found. From street attacks and mobilisations to government office, they use Islamophobia, anti-Semitism, xenophobia and racism to spread hate and fear. They attack trade unionists and the left, and the rights and liberties of us all; the onslaught on women’s rights, in particular, has been severe. In the time of Trump they received an enormous boost, becoming increasingly internationalised, well-funded and well-organised. They used ‘lawfare’ and coups to overthrow legitimate governments and exclude left candidates. Trump has gone but Trumpism continues; its increasing paramilitary orientation, fake news and anti-fact approach presents an enormous challenge, particularly during the pandemic. The far-right has weaponised the pandemic in its own political interests, and the economic crisis that is running alongside the virus is being exploited by the far-right to build its social and political base. But there are victories too, where the people mobilise for a different vision of society and defeat the hate and fear. We must build that alternative together.

These are crucial issues for us to address: it’s urgent for us to analyse and get organised together to defeat the far right.


Kate Hudson
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