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We strike together!

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Published on: 07.03.2019

On March 8 we will participate in all mobilizations, strikes and demonstrations.

On March 8 we will be on the European streets fighting against sexual discrimination in the workplace, which condemns women to precariousness and lower wages.

On March 8 in some countries, we will stop, in order to fight against male violence with laws and educational projects that are based on equality.

We will demand that women are the owners of their own bodies and demand that the State guarantees this right and that abortion is definitively excluded from the penal code.

And it will also represent a good opportunity to denounce the machismo of the extreme right that invades Europe. The strike and the mobilizations are the best means of stopping the sexist and discriminating policies and discourses.

Let the men assume the tasks especially on this day for us to lead the mobilizations.

On March 8, 2019, we follow the feminist revolution until equality is achieved for women in a society of solidarity, justice and peace.


Maite Mola, Vice President of the Party of European Left