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We condemn the attack on the Cgil headquarters

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Published on: 11.10.2021

During the demonstrations that happened on October 9th in Rome against the Covid-19 health pass, the national headquarters of the Italian General Confederation of Labour (Confederazione Generale Italiana del Lavoro, were attacked by right-wing forces. The President of the EL, Heinz Bierbaum, categorically rejects this fascist act:

“We want to extend our solidarity to our comrades in Cgil who had their headquarters attacked by fascists and stand with them in the face of this far-right aggression. Such attacks consist of a threat to our society and target the social movement, towards which we will not stay silent. They serve as a reminder of the strategies used by the neo-fascists to aggressively attack workers’ struggles and attempt to lay the groundwork for the emergence of fascism. We shall not allow the black chapters of democracy to return. Today, as on any other day, we continue to oppose this violence.

Trade unions are an integral part of our democracy and a vital force in the fight for workers’ rights and must be protected.

The Party of the European Left stands in solidarity with the targeted union’s members, as well as all anti-fascists and democratic activists in Italy”.