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Venezuela: The Party of the European Left rejects coup attempts and calls for dialogue

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Published on: 03.05.2019

The Party of the European Left (EL) denounces and rejects the new attempts to put an end to the sovereignty of the Venezuelan people by the government of the United States. Because it is the US imperialism that supports and finances the Venezuelan far right, as they themselves publicly have acknowledged. For the EL is truly detestable to realize the eagerness of the right-wing opposition to make the Venezuelan people suffer hardships to justify a military takeover against the legitimate government of Nicolás Maduro, President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

The hypocrisy and bigotry of the United States, of the so-called Group of Lima and of the European Union is of such magnitude that they are willing to destroy the social infrastructure of the Venezuelan people so to obtain their selfish interests. The economic decline, the energy breakdown and health hardships that Venezuela is suffering are the result of foreign intervention in Venezuelan affairs. The only reason of this intervention is to loot he Bolivarian country of the natural resources that the United States and its mercenaries friends long for.

We are not surprised by this type of violent measures since this has been the policy of the North American empire on repeated occasions whenever facing any internal emancipation of Latin American countries. That said, it is totally unjustifiable now as it was before.

The Party of the European also denounces the shameful support of the European Union, which, without the slightest hesitation, joins US interests in support of a continual coup attempt that obviously violates Venezuelan national sovereignty and international law.

The only way to solve the political and economic problems that the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela is going through is with a peaceful dialogue. Evidently the Venezuelan radical right does not want this type of dialogue because is operationally and media supported and managed by the government of the United States.

From the European point of view, the cowardly and uninformed action of the European Union is despicable, since it is nothing more than that of a puppet of the interests of the United States, rather than on the side of dialogue and peace and against military intervention.

The European Left Party calls on all European political and social actors to publicly support a peaceful and negotiated solution on Venezuela. A solution that will always have to be based on respect for the sovereignty of the Venezuelan people.