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Trump’s ”peace” plan is a recipe for perpetual conflict

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Published on: 30.01.2020

The European Left denounces US President Trump’s “deal of the century”, a US attempt to legitimise further Israeli annexations of Palestinian land, moving towards the creation of a greater Jewish Israel with a Palestinian Bantustan.

The European Left President, Heinz Bierbaum, declares:

“The rights of the Palestinian people are being overruled, their rights to self-determination, to their own state and their rights as human beings. This is a deal to prevent the establishment of a Palestinian state, worked out between President Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu only.

As a response to this aggravation of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict and blatant US legimization of Israeli expansionism, we urge the EU and EU Member States to increase their political pressure on the Israeli government.

We call for a strengthening of the banning of goods from the Israeli settlements. We call for the recognition of the Palestinian state by the EU member states – and by as many countries and institutions as possible”.

The European Left supports a total Israeli withdrawal from the occupied Palestinian territories in keeping with UN resolutions. We reiterate our support for a just peace based on the UN resolutions with a Palestinian state on the 1967 borders, with east Jerusalem as its capital and with the return of the Palestinian refugees.