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The Party of the European Left warns against a further intensification of anti-democratic developments in Tanzania

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Published on: 02.11.2018

Since being elected as President of Tanzania in 2015, John Pombe Magufuli and his government impede the solving of crimes of which state officials are suspected to be perpetrators or at least involved. Currently, opposition politician Zitto Kabwe is in police custody accused of incitement of the masses.

Last week saw violent clashes between inhabitants of the Western province of Tanzania, Kigoma, and security forces. Shepherds were accused of taking their herds illegally to protected reserves. In the ensuing encounter the local head of police lost his life. Since then, the situation is escalating. In retribution, police allegedly killed hundreds of inhabitants, including those waiting for medical treatment in the local hospital.

So far, neither police nor officials gave the public access to the results of their investigations. It leaves the impression that processes should be covered up. Zitto Kabwe, as representative for the region, demanded an investigation and that proceedings should be made transparent during a press conference. He declared that his party would continue to identify the names of victims as well as investigate into incidents and make them public. Three days after he was detained. Without prospect of being released on bail, he is in prison since Wednesday; while his lodgings have been searched.

“We ask the Tanzanian government to completely uncover the murders and to investigate thoroughly. The perpetrators of theses crimes need to be made accountable, instead of politicians aiming for clarification. Zitto Kabwe must be released immediately“, demands Gregor Gysi, President of the European Left. We send our deepest sympathy to the relatives of the victims.”