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The message from the German Constitutional Court is nothing more than a scandalous invitationto go back to the “unfair normality” of the past

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Published on: 07.05.2020

The ruling of the German Constitutional Court on Tuesday, rather than involve merely a technical and budgetary problem, raises a crucial and high-level political issue concerning the future of Europe and of the European workers – said the President of the Party of the European Left, Heinz Bierbaum. In this dramatic moment, this sentence does nothing more than mirror the structural problems of the EU.

The decision for us represents no more than the flip side of austerity and of the neoliberal project. It is functional to discourage and avoid solidaristic actions, and to undermine the path to any project for a social Europe.

We believe that the decision is scandalous since ignores the economic requirements we need for the European development. It is an expression of a national attitude, it is charged with anti-European sentiment and it can arise anti-European feelings. This seems to be especially true after the Covid-19 crisis hit workers within all the European countries. This proves that every-day Europe regularly pushes its public discourse towards a non-solidaristic scenario. We need to go beyond this kind of Europe, its logic and its policy.

The German Constitutional Court dismisses the recent actions of the ECB as something that has to be limited to a state of emergency. We want to remind them that in the real world, in too many cases, this is an everyday scenario for workers. European workers have already paid for the post-2008 recession and now risk to paid the Covid-19 crisis. The European Left will denounce any attempt to let workers pay for the foreseeable consequences of the current crisis. The EL is on the side of the European workers and citizens against any attempt to return to the unfair normality of the past, or to build a future against the interests of European citizens and workers – concluded Heinz Bierbaum