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The legality of Bolsonaro’s victory is under a shadow of reasonable doubt 

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Published on: 12.06.2019

The European Left Party has repeatedly denounced how, under the pretext of the anti-corruption struggle, the Latin American right with its allies in the United States and in the European Union has engineered the overthrow of the legitimately elected progressive governments. Thus, we are not surprised by the recent news revelations that indicate that former judge Sergio Moro was the coordinator of an immense apparatus of illegal operations to sentence the former President of Brazil Lula da Silva and proscribe him from being the candidate of the Workers’ Party -Partido dos Trabalhadores- in the recent presidential elections.

The elections, as we know, were won by far-right candidate Jair Bolsonaro. The fact that this same judge Sergio Moro was appointed by Bolsonaro as his Minister of Justice can only be described as a blatant and perverse recognition of the invaluable help that Moro gave him so that Bolsonaro could become the president of the country.

This judicialization of politics is the mechanism to make effective those “soft coups” to get rid of the progressive governments and illegally replace them with rulers that are close to the socioeconomic policies of capitalism. We emphasize the illegal aspect because surely Lula da Silva would have won the elections had he not been prosecuted and condemned with dark, tricky and machiavellian plots. The legality of Bolsonaro’s victory is under a shadow of reasonable doubt.

The Party of the European Left demands:

1. The absolution of Lula da Silva from all charges for which he was unlawfully condemned and the public restoration of his honour.

2. That the judicial system observes its legitimate work and open a wide-ranging investigation to all the people and organizations that presumably have elaborated all this mafia-like plot that left the Brazilian people without the right to elect Lula as the president of the country.

3. That all the guilty parts be convicted, including the maximum beneficiaries of such infamous use of the state judicial apparatus.

4. The possibility of holding new elections as soon as possible within the framework of democratic legality.

The Party of the European Left gives its full support to the Workers’ Party of Brazil in this battle for true justice. This support is extended to our comrade Lula da Silva, a fellow fighter for an egalitarian and democratic society. We are all Lula! The truth will prevail!

Brussels June 12th, 2019