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The EL condemns Turkey’s attacks in Syria and Iraq

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Published on: 21.11.2022

Turkish airstrikes hit Kobane and other Kurdish settlements in northern Syria and Iraq on the 19th -20th of November, resulting in several casualties and injuries. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a British-based organization, reports that 31 people have died so far. Civilian infrastructure was destroyed, and there have been numerous reported injuries.

“The coordinated airstrikes by Turkish jets on multiple civilian villages in NE Syria, including Kobanê, are extremely unsafe and deserve prompt international attention”, according to Heinz Bierbaum, President of the EL.

“The international community should not remain silent in the face of such heinous acts, which are flagrant violations of humanitarian and international law. The Party of European Left declares its unwavering commitment to maintaining world peace and stability and exhorts all parties to take action to prevent yet another humanitarian catastrophe in the region. We strongly condemn Turkey’s aggression against Syrian Kurds and civilians and support democratic movements in Turkey and abroad.”