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The EL condemns the US attack in Baghdad

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Published on: 03.01.2020

The US attack to the Baghdad airport, ordered by Donald Trump, which has had “among other consequences” the assassination of the Iranian General of the Revolutionary Guard Qassem Soleimani and five other people, it is not only condemnable “by himself,” but also means raising the strong tension that already exists in the region for which the US and NATO are mainly responsible.

“This military aggression, contrary to international law, demonstrates Trump’s interest in destabilizing the region so to justify his military presence”, says Maite Mola, vice-president of the European Left Party and responsible for International relations.

The Party of the European Left wants Peace in the region and “demands the condemnation of this military action by the European Union and other international bodies.”

The EL is convinced that Peace will only be possible by stopping interference in the area, helping to seek reconciliation in peoples devastated by wars caused by outside, respecting the right of peoples to elect their governments and not try to impose them from outside through a new neo-colonialism

The EU should have a role in defending the most basic human rights, such as the right to life and must condemn this attack while being an element for the construction of Peace.