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The Council of Chairpersons condemns the war in Ukraine

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Published on: 24.03.2022

The Council of Chairpersons of the EL convened last week in an extraordinary meeting to discuss the war in Ukraine.

We unanimously condemn Russia’s military aggression, which consists of a gross breach of international law and demand an immediate end to the unjustified war on Ukraine.

We will continue to work with radical leftwing parties to find a longterm political and diplomatic solution to end this heinous war, as well as to advocate for immediate humanitarian assistance and to welcome all refugees without any classification or discrimination.

Our commitment against military escalation is diachronically present, and thus we will create a common space to reinforce our position for peace and demilitarisation. We are organising a Peace conference in Europe, proposed by the Basque Left, which will take place in Guernica in the Basque Country, Spain (more information to come soon). We also call all forces to meet in Madrid at the end of June for the Peace Summit 2022- No to NATO, in order to strengthen the Anti-NATO movement and bring forth an alternative to revamping of militarism and EU’s military vision.

We call for Peace.
No to War!
No to militarisation!