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All the media of the congress

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Published on: 14.12.2019

The sixth congress of the PIE is being held in Benalmadena, here you will find all the media of the event:

The video-story of the Congress

The first day of Congress in one minute:

The entire event of Friday
The second day of the Congress in one minute

The entire event of Saturday morining and Saturday afternoon
The third day of the Congress in one minute

The entire event of Sunday
The opening of the congress

Heinz Bierbaum, elected President: “We need a stronger political profile”

Enrique Santiago’s (PCE) interview:

Sira Rego’s (IU, Spain) interview

El violador eres tu, flashmob at the European Left Congress

Felicity Dowling’s (Left Unity, Uk) interview

Jiri Mäntysalo’s (CPF) interview:

Marisa Matia’s (Bloco de Esquerda) interview:

Christian Picquet’s (PCF, France) interview:

Raisa Musakka’s (Left Alliance, Finland) interview:

Maurizio Acerbo’s (PRC,Italy) interview:

Danny Butter’s (Die Linke, Germany) interview

Mirko Messner (Kpo, Austria) interview

Luka Mesec’s (Levica, Slovenia) interview:

Mercedes Vidal’s (EUIA) interview:

Francois D’Agostino’s (PCWB, Belgium) interview:

David Wagner’S (Déi Lénk, Luxemburg) interview:

Press conference with Gregor Gysi (President of the European Left Party), Sira Rego (MEP, IU’s spokesperson in the European Parliament), Toni Valero (IU’s coordinator in Andalucia), Enrique Santiago (PCE’s national secretary) and Maite Mola (Vicepresident of the EL)

Bella Ciao, Flamenco interpretation by Juan Pinilla and Amparanoia fort the Congress of the European Left