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Fridays for Future calls for online climate protests

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Published on: 24.04.2020

Under the condition of a global pandemic, instead of being on the streets, the Fridays for Future network goes online. Today an internationally coordinated large-scale protest organised by the climate movement wants to demonstrate online for the climate. Among other things, there is a 24-hour live stream on YouTube starting from the early morning, in which climate activists and scientist from all over the world will have their say.

The Party of the European Left supports the protest and the efforts taken by the climate activist globally. Heinz Bierbaum comments on the occasion:

“At a time when climate change is posing an existential threat to the planet we need to radically transform our economies and societies. It characterizes the left that it connects ecology and social issues. We therefore speak of the need for a social-ecological transformation. Necessary is a “system change” that goes beyond capitalist modernization. With the climate movement we share a common criticism of the prevailing climate damaging doctrine of the capitalist system and the position that industrial production based on fossil energies has no future. The European Left advocates therefore for a radical change of policy in Europe by putting a left-wing concept of a Green New Deal on the agenda. We believe that a transformatory approach towards a democratic socialist society with an ecological project at its heart is needed to achieve the goal of climate and social justice. Yes, the protest has an impact, but for what really needs to happen, we have to be louder, put more pressure on it. The time of empty talk is over, the time is short, and what is to be done is clear, so it’s time to act.”