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We stay on the side of our American comrades for a real step forward in social policies

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Published on: 30.04.2021

This 30th of April marks the hundredth day of the Biden presidency. Over the past months, a lot has changed in the US and in the world. While some normality was restored with the end of the Trump era, many fights and struggles are still very much needed. From the left in Europe we look at you very closely, ready to support you and work together in the many fights we share.

On this day, the Party of the European Left (EL) is releasing three video messages, from Heinz Bierbaum, EL President, Maite Mola, EL Head of International Relations, and from Ethan Earle, Co-Chair of the DSA International Committee, with whom we have been collaborating with over the past years.

For Heinz Bierbaum, the past hundred days have been “contradictory”. While, Biden’s administration has re-joined the Paris Agreement and the WHO, rescinded Trump’s Muslim ban and approved a massive stimulus package to boost the economy, “more than 30 million people in the US [still] don’t have health insurance or are under insured”. For the EL President it is “imperative to fight for Bernie Sanders proposals to guarantee that health care to all people is a right” and to raise the wages of millions of US workers and with it protect minorities, women and single income parents.

On the other hand, regarding Biden’s foreign policy, “we have not recorded any qualitative change with respect to the previous policies by Trump”, stated Maite Mola. The EL Head of International Relations highlighted that “the issue of Cuba and its absolute inhuman blockade” and the continuous interference the US is making in the elections of several countries in Latin America, an area still seen as the backyard of the US. While assuming that not much time has passed and that we still need to wait, Mola also said not to be expecting any real changes, namely regarding the question of Palestine.

Ethan Earle, from the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), focused on the work being done by the left in the US. While admitting we are still seeing “too much of the old infighting”, he also shared that the DSA is working hard “to make sure that we do not rely on what is in Biden heart but rather to create a working class movement” that “can force his hand towards the changes that we absolutely need for working people and for the planet that we share”.

Earle highlighted some of those fights, such as the work “to pass the Pro-Act, which will protect the right for hundreds of millions of Americans to organize their workplaces and build worker power”, the work to support the most affected by Covid, “frontline communities, workers, the working class, who are predominantly black and brown and they are being disproportionately affected by this virus”, or the demand to “defund a corrupt and violent police security complex”.

As also stated by the EL President Heinz Bierbaum, the EL North America Working Group wishes our American comrades every success, with the promise to stay by your side in your battles for a real step forward in social policies.