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Statement on the meeting of the Political Secretariat of the European Left (EL)

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Published on: 01.12.2018

On December 01, 2018, the meeting of the Political Secretariat of the Party of the European Left (EL) took place in Berlin. One point on the agenda was the preparation of the European elections in 2019. The Secretariat has agreed on a draft electoral platform which will be submitted with some collected changes for decision to the Executive Board on 26/27. January 2018 in Brussels. In addition, the members of the political secretariat have exchanged on a possible leading candidate. The result of the ongoing process will also be submitted to the Executive Board in January.

The President of the European Left, Gregor Gysi:
Our claim as a party of the European Left is to show the people in Europe ways out of the crisis from a left perspective and to make a concrete offer for alternative politics. In doing so, we see central and concrete possibilities, such as a social-ecological transformation and, as a result, a new social economic model, the return of the power from the political elites to the Europeans and the prevention of an militarization of Europe. Our vision is a peaceful, social, democratic, ecologically sustainable and solidary Europe. We are committed to equal opportunities for access to health care, education, arts and culture. We stand for a fair global cooperation in the sense of our internationalist claim and defend the right to peace in Europe and the world.