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Statement on maneuvers against Jorge Glas in Ecuador

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Published on: 02.10.2018

The Vice-Presidency of the Party of the European Left Maite Mola denounces the repressive maneuvers against Jorge Glas, former Vice President of the Republic of Ecuador, transferred to the Detention Center of Latacunga, where violent episodes have recently taken place causing the death of prisoners, alleging supposed reasons of security and risk of flight.
That decision is revealed as another reprisal against Glas, involving him in the corruption of the “Odebrecht case” through an implication that has not been proven.
Jorge Glas is suffering inadmissible conditions in a state of law: in violation of the Charter of the United Nations, the Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the Ecuadorian Constitution itself, the visit of his family or his lawyers is not allowed. All this has led Glas to declare a hunger strike.
His situation is due to a campaign by the Moreno government that wants to impede the political participation of the former vice-president and shows the setback of legal security and democracy in the country, as well as of the citizen’s revolution, led by former president Rafael Correa, and that allowed significant social achievements and high levels of participatory democracy.
The whole of the international community in general and the EL in particular, we must be vigilant to give all the procedural guarantees as well as respect for the life and physical and moral integrity of former Vice President Jorge Glas, while putting an end to the judicialization of the policy against Rafael Correa and all the members of his Governments.