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Speech on the State of the EU Jean Claude Juncker

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Published on: 12.09.2018

The President of the European Left, Gregor Gysi declares:
We are at a crucial point in Germany and Europe. Half a year before the European elections and 80 years after the Crystal night, nationalist and racist parties have far-reaching electoral successes. They are already in governments in many European countries, including Austria, Finland, Italy and Hungary, and have gained considerable strength in other countries as well. Common denominators are nationalism, racism, exclusion and aggression against refugees. Jean-Claude Juncker does not seem to have realized this development. It is irresponsible to link the migration issue with the security issue and to massively increase border protection. By 2020, the border regime of Frontex is to be expanded by 10,000 employees. With this announcement policy, he responds to the call for foreclosure and plays into the hands of the right.

Citizens in Europe face a profound social crisis at both national and European levels. We need answers consisting of integration policy and a truly social policy in Europe. EU policy on social challenges is not relevant. We as the European Left will fight for a real improvement of workers’ rights and social rights. I am convinced that we need synergies between progressive forces in Europe so that we can find a way to create alternatives for a more democratic and social Europe.