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Solidarity with the Kurds and their democratic self-administration in Northern Syria/Rojava

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Published on: 27.10.2019

On 09 October 2019, the Turkish government launched a war of aggression against north-eastern Syria in violation of international law. Erdogan intends to ethnically clean the mainly Kurdish populated area and resettle Syrian-Arab refugees in a so called “security zone”. This would mean nothing other than the Turkish annexation and occupation of an area, which was democratically self-administered and controlled by Kurds, Arabs, Christians, Ezidis and all other ethnic and religious minorities in that region.
Within the framework of the war, the civilian population was deliberately attacked. Imprisoned ISIS-fighters were deliberately freed by pro-Turkish jihadist militias.

The Kurds* have fought against ISIS and established an impressive democratic self-government in Northern Syria/Rojava. It is an attempt in this region to establish a democratic society with respect for the rights of women and ethnic minorities. This attempt must be protected.

We call on the European institutions to insert pressure on Turkey to end this war of aggression and to force the Turkish military and its jihadist militias to retreat to Turkish land.

We demand a complete and immediate ban on arms exports, which also means the revocation of all licences already granted. 

We demand the end of all foreign interventions in Syria and the respect of its territorial integrity and sovereignty.