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Solidarity with Adrien Beauduin

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Published on: 13.12.2018

The Vice Presidency Maite Mola declares on the imprisonment of Adrien Beauduin in Hungary, one of the active member of the new student movement ‘Szabad Egyetem’:

The Party of the European Left stands in solidarity with
Adrien Beauduin, who has been placed under arrest and was held in jail for three days. He is one of the active members of the new student movement ‘Szabad Egyetem’.
For some time we have been watching with deep concern the antidemocratic developments in Hungary.
The fact that the leaders of an EU state in the 21st century seek to establish ideological shackles of freedom of expression and freedom
of demonstration is a violation of the fundamental principles of liberal democracy. We urge the Hungarian Government to immediately
end the measures it has taken against Adrien Beauduin. In addition, we call for action by the European Union to defend fundamental rights in Hungary.